Saturday, June 28, 2008

The sky is falling! (C-Day)

Well it started as a little joke in the office, about a month ago I said hey guys my vision is a little blurry. (insert instant diagnosis from colleges in the nearby cubicals.) And so it went for a few weeks. With me saying if this doesn't clear up next week I am going to the doctor. Well it didn't clear up. So I scheduled an appointment with an ophthalmologist thinking the worse ( detached retina). On Friday the 20th of June I went to the doctor, and after running through all the test with the optical assistant, she confirmed that I was having trouble seeing out of my left eye. Now time to see the doc, after peering into my virgin dilated eyes for about 5 minutes. I was informed that I did indeed have a detached retina and needed surgery immediately. Although I could not really see the look the doctors face as my pupils were dilated to the size of a dinner plates his tone spoke volumes to the seriousness of the situation. So a quick phone call to the retina specialist and everything was set. Drive about 5 miles up highway 159 and you will see the office on the left. Ok, I can drive, but I can't see the buttons on my phone to call Jennifer and let her know that I would be needing a ride home after the surgery. Well, after much fumbling about, I did reach Jennifer and tell her that I would need a ride, but I would call back after seeing the new Doc and getting more info..... ( oops... one way street, pay attention son your going to kill yourself before you get there). Ok after a false start I continued on to the surgery center, boy I hope they have a really big sign, because I can't see so well. Needless to say I Was driving about 10 miles an hour below the speed limit trying to make out the signs, but then there it was, a large sign in front of a non nondescript medical building "Laser Surgery" nice one, I made it.

It was now about 3:00 pm and the the office was empty as I approached the receptionists window. "Hello, I am here to see doctor Flemming". "Are you Paul". "yes". "please have a seat".After a couple of minutes staring at the magazine rack, in the spacious , waiting area, I was ushered into the exam room. Only I felt a little like a rock star from the attention I seemed to be getting from the ladies at the desk and in the office area. I don't know if this feeling was generated by the fact that they were disappointed to see an emergency retina surgery on a Friday afternoon, or because I was about to become one of the 1,345 in 300,000,000+ people in the United States to win the annual Choroidal Melanoma (eye cancer) lottery.

So after a repeat of the last 5 min exam I was first informed that I do not have a "detached retina". At first there was the slightest sense of relief maybe 5 seconds. Something did not feel right the Doc then took another quick peek and sat down in front of me and asked me if i knew what melanoma was, sure "skin cancer" I replied. Doc Flemming then informed me at about 3:15 pm that I had "skin cancer", IN MY EYE. That takes a minute to process to be sure.
So that is were we will start. I can assure you that I will try and keep a lightness to this blog as I document my experiences.

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