Monday, January 12, 2009

C-Day +220

Well,It's been 220 day's since everything changed. Here's the update.

1. Eye surgery went perfect 1 Aug 2008

2. DNA test show loss of one copy of Chromosome 3, as of this date loss of chromosome 3 signifies 100% chance of metastasis to the liver, no one has ever survived choroidal melanoma with metastasis to the liver. Guess I will have to be the first.

3. My best calculations show me paying between $170,000 to about $260,000 dollars in the last 18.5 years for medical insurance, yet I have to spend hours each week talking to providers about this form and that. The biggest pisser is you can't talk to the medical review board, no you get to talk to "Pat" or "Ebony" or "Jane". It is kind of fun to call 2 or 3 times a day just to see how different the information provided can be.

4. I spend about 30 hours per week researching treatment options, cancer news, insurance info.

5. If the Cancer doesn't get me, there is a good chance that the stress will.

6. So my advice is DONT GET CANCER.......

7. If you do, Read Read Read, Knowledge is power, I hope to be accepted into a medical trail San Diego, 4 months of Chemo, at least I should be thin for summer.



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