Wednesday, February 11, 2009

C-day +250

Left to right ( Kylie, Mackenzie, Paul, Emma, Jennifer, Keira)

Coverdell Cancer Fund
My Name is Paul Coverdell, I have "Choriodial Melenoma" (EyeCancer). I my cancer is the very aggresive form, 5 year outlook is very poor.
Current Fundraising to help with expences associated with treatment, We will be selling raffle tickets for $10.00. The prize will be a one person hand painted oil painting.

I will continue to update this page as we get the ball rolling.
By Raffle Tickets online:

Current treatment status: 11 FEB 2009

Eye Tumor continues to shrink, surgery 1 AUG 2008.

Brain MRI and full body PET/CT scans, and blood test, Monday 16, Febuary 2009. If all scans are clean (no current metatasis), I will procede with the Clinical Trail in San Diego.

Clinical Trail in San Diego 4 month's 28 day cycle 2 oral chemo drugs, and IV Cisplantin chemo. I will be flying from St. Louis to San Diego 4 times staying in San Diego 3 -5 Days, of coarse longer if I get to sick from the treatment.


The Coverdell Family!
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