Monday, March 30, 2009

C-day +296 Last Day of Chemo #1

Ok, I know I should have posted more! I will do better.

So today was the last day of SUTENT (Oral Chemo), I now get 7 days with no drugs. I did get really sick 2 weeks ago, but it only lasted for about 3 days. The rest of the time I have been doing pretty good, just really tired. The worst side effect has been a really sore mouth. I also have "splinter Hemorrages" under my fingernails, it does look like a bunch of splinters. The good news is that this is a sign that the SUTENT is working.

We willing be drawing the winning raffle ticket tomorrow, I plan to post the video tomorrow evening. Good Luck to everyone.... And Thank You!

I will do much better with the updates....

Jen and I fly to San Diego next Monday to start round 2.


EyeCandy (Paul)

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