Monday, September 1, 2008

First Cancer Friend Painting (C-Day +72)

Well the first painting is complete. I am very happy with the results. Please take a look and let me hear your thoughts. Jill is the founder of .The painting is based on a photo of Jill and her dog Angel that she got after finding out about her breast cancer. We also tried to work the pink in to the sweater. The painting is 16 x20 pastel. I am still updating the cancer pages stay tuned.

EyeCandy, (Paul)

Have a nide day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, Beautiful work! Is it oil?And you're doing this with one cloudy eye? Impressive.

Just an intro, I started reading your blog in July when I was diagnosed with conjunctival melanoma (discovered by accident after my Leonberger jumped up, whacked me in the eye and scratched my cornea. As the doctor examined the corneal scratch, he found a spot of pigment that turned out to be not so good, but early, so surgery seems to have been successful.

I write about dogs, and last year was doing tris, so we have a lot in common. Let's keep all paws and fingers crossed for a good recoveries! Mara